Below you’ll find our equipment and software checklists and installation instructions. It is important to get set up with software for this class by January 7. If you have any trouble, reach out in the “software-and-access” channel on our Discord, or email Jenna or Isaac privately.

Equipment Checklist:

[  ] A mouse with a scrolling wheel (Here’s a good one.)(Ergonomic option)
[  ] Access to a computer with some reasonable power (See the DMA recommended laptop specification sheet).

Software Checklist:

[  ] Maxon Cinema 4D S22.123
[  ] Spark AR Studio
[  ] Mixamo (In-browser app. You’ll just need to make a login.)
[  ] Unity (and Unity Hub)
[  ] Lens Studio
[  ] Snap Camera
[  ] Discord
[  ] Deadline (DMA’s Remote Rendering Server)

Maxon Cinema 4D S22.123:

Cinema 4D (version S22.123) is the program we’ll use throughout this class to model our avatars. The program was developed by Maxon, which uses a 3rd party educational license provider called Kivuto.

    1. Follow the Kivuto link on Maxon’s main site.
    2. Create a Kivuto account with your UCLA email (Blue “REGISTER” button, upper left corner).
      Note: Use “”, not “”!
    3. When you receive a receipt in your email inbox, copy the promo code, click ‘Instructions’ and follow the checkout link to purchase a 6 month C4D student license. Enter your promo code to reduce the total to a service fee of $2.99.
    4. Create a Maxon account with your UCLA email during checkout.
    5. Log in to your Maxon account and check the My Licenses page. Maxon calls its student license “Maxon One”, and you should have one license available.
    6. Download Cinema 4D S22.123 for your Mac or PC, and then sign into the program with your Maxon account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The download button on Maxon’s “My Licenses” page will lead you straight to the newest version of Cinema 4D, version R23. DON’T DOWNLOAD VERSION R23. We will use version S22.123 in this class because it is compatible with Deadline, the DMA remote render system.

Optional >> Redshift
(Redshift is a GPU-accelerated renderer that is included in your Maxon educational license package. We won’t be covering Redshift in this class—we’re going to use Cinema 4D’s standard render engine. But feel free to try it out!):

    1. After some time Redshift will send an email to add a password (alternatively, you can do ‘forgot pw’ with UCLA email), download Redshift installer, and relaunch C4D.
    2. Optionally download Red Giant installer, Isaac specifically recommends the spectacular keying plugin for After Effects.

Spark AR Studio:

Spark AR Studio is a desktop program that allows you to make face filters and AR projects for Instagram. If you don’t have an Instagram account, consider making one covertly for this class and delete it later! :}

No complicated set up here, just download and install the program from Spark AR.


Mixamo is a useful, but limited, free in-browser auto-rigging application. All you need to do is make an account with Mixamo.

Unity + Hub:

Unity is a game development program and Unity Hub is a management tool that helps keep your Unity projects organized. You’ll need to:

    1. Make a Unity account
    2. Go to the Unity Downloads page and download Unity Hub first.
    3. Then, you can download the latest version of Unity from this page.

Lens Studio

Lens Studio is a filter-making platform for Snap Camera. In Lens Studio, you can animate an avatar with blendshapes mapped to your face. Download Lens Studio here.

Snap Camera

You can upload your Lens Studio project directly to Snap Camera and then share it or use it for a live performance via webcam. Download Snap Camera here.


Discord is a social app. We will use Discord throughout the quarter to discuss projects, field technical questions, and share inspiration. Download Discord here. I will share our invitation link with you during class.

Deadline Remote Render Service:

You may not need to use Deadline, but it’s good to know it’s here if you need it. Deadline is a service that DMA provides to render your projects remotely. This is useful if you’re exporting an animation out of Cinema 4D that is too big for your laptop to handle. Jonathan Cecil manages Deadline for us, so email me and cc Jonathan if you have trouble getting Deadline working. (

Instructions for getting set up with Deadline