#1 Control

Due in class on Thursday 02/06

Technological control is an ever-present aspect of our lives. Especially when, as Ian Alan Paul put it in Climate, Capitalism, and Control, "the means of production become indistinguishable from the means of control." For this first experiment/assignment, I would like you to create an interface for some behavior you observe in the world. This can be a found behavior, like a hummingbird searching for nectar, or something you create like a performance or dance. In choosing or designing your behavior, think what the vectors and axes of control are: speed, direction, start/stop, etc. It is likely that your behavior will have more specific actions that will need to be triggered such as walk, yell, cry, or drink. With your control points in mind, think of how you can use the inputs and sensors we have discussed in class to represent them. For example, a knob for speed or button for speak. Also make sure to show in the device the result of using the interface, either through LEDs or sound.

This is, to be clear, an assignment in metaphor and allegory. Your device does not need to actually control the thing, but the elements of behavior should be clear, you are making a speculative interface, an impossible remote control. If you are not going to perform the behavior, you should make a video for us to reference. If you would like to work with a partner or performer that is great too, just make sure that both people participate in all aspects of the project.

We will look at your work in class on Feb 6th.