Go To Seek The Great Perhaps
Superbowl Sunday we met in a nursing home library, I'd never met a nicer boy
you made it hard to breathe, every time I heard your name every time you didn't respond, ever time you blew me off

1 Month was all it took for us to be best friends, you got me to go to hangout at Starbucks even though I disliked going there, you were the PB to my jelly but at the same time you let me down more than you helped me up. You were the first guy I felt comfortable with and I always felt beautiful next to you
You made me miserable in the best of ways but you left me and then I was just miserable. You made me different then let me go. I thought you cared about me but I was wrong, you never cared if you hurt my feelings or made me feel stupid. I loved you and you ignored me. You made me so happy but at the same time made me so sad. Every time you told me about the other girl YOU loved it made me hate the fact that I loved you.

It hurt


it mattered
“When you stopped wishing things wouldn’t fall apart, you’d stop suffering when they did.”
—John Green, Looking For Alaska
Now we act like strangers because it's easier than talking to each other.. We were friends, and that wasn't enough for me, you made me fall then didn't catch me. I've accepted this and I have forgiven you and myself. I miss you and at the same time I feel lighter letting go of my feelings. You will always be the first boy I've really cared about even though it was bitter sweet. I wish you the best and I hope you find what you are seeking.
How I felt when you didn't respond back and when you treated me like a little kid
There was someone else who was everything I wasn't and
everything you wanted.
It was too late for us. We met at the wrong time, you were going to college and I was stuck back in physics class