This course focuses on the web as a medium for creative expression and artistic intervention. Through examples and small exercises the course looks at the web in the tradition of art and activism using techniques like collage, the cut-up, the fake, and strategies of artistic self-expression. These forms are analyzed for their aesthetic, narrative, and social potentials. References to relevant artworks are given, both in and outside the field of webbased art

The course objective is to enable the students to use the web as a medium for self-expression. Students will learn to use Hotglue, an intuitive framework for manipulating visual content online, to create their own website. Students with prior knowledge of HTML/CSS or who are interested in developing these skills can alternatively use tools of their own choice. However, the focus will be on the drag & drop paradigm of Hotglue. The class covers contemporary design methodologies for designing for the screen-based web. For the final exhibition, the students will work on an individual project that will reflect on their relationship to the internet at large and the role it plays in their daily lives.

Day 1: Understanding the Web
What is the internet? What is the web? How does it work? Who controls it?
- Introduction to the Hotglue environment.
- Create a web-based presentation about a topic relevant to the internet.

Day 2: Expression
How can the web be used as a tool for self-expression? What affordances does the technology allow? How can we break the web in meaningful ways?
- Explore the fringes of web design by using collage and cut-up, and by pushing your knowledge of web techniques to the extremes.
- Final assignment discussed

Day 3: Subversion and Hacktivism
What are strategies used on the web to create identity? Who controls your online identity? What are common approaches? How can you find out more? How do you give meaning to your activity on the web?
- Create a website based on the visual identity of an existing website, but subvert its meaning by replacing the content.
- Discussion of ideas for final assignment

Day 4: Net art
Looking back on the history of net art. How can you create your own meaningful net art?
- Work on final assignment
- Prepare for the exhibition