Weeklies are due before the start of class on Thursday. Your index page should have a section with a link to each weekly. Weekly P/F grades are posted here, if you want to dispute a P/F you are responsible for notifying the TA within two weeks.

WEEKLY 9 (DUE 11/30)

Interfaces for People

WEEKLY 8 (DUE 11/23)

No weekly: thanksgiving

WEEKLY 7 (DUE 11/16)

No weekly: work on project 2

WEEKLY 6 (DUE 11/9)

Remote Network
  • Read Antonio García Martínez, Inside Cuba's DIY Internet Revolution.
  • Post a one paragraph response as your sixth weekly response, and link to it from your index page.
  • Sign up for Amazon Mechanical Turk. We'll be using this in a future class.
    Go to and click Sign in as Worker at the top right.
    Click all the way through until you see the message "Your registration has been received."
    You may get rejected without explanation. This is ok.

WEEKLY 5 (DUE 11/2)

Networks of LA

  • Read/skim Ingrid Burrington, Networks of New York.
  • Create your own "infrastucture tour of LA". That is, go out into the city and collect at least three images of physical network infrastructure.
  • Post the three images and a sentence or two about each explaining what it is and why it's important as your fifth weekly response, and link to it from your index page.

WEEKLY 4 (DUE 10/26)


  • Read FastCo, Glitch Art.
  • Find one glitch (either on a screen or in the physical world), take a photo or screenshot of it and post as your weekly response.
  • Create a new HTML page to hold your fourth weekly response, and link to it from your index page.
  • Not required. If you are curious, more on glitch in Rosa Menkman's Glitch Studies Manifesto.

WEEKLY 3 (DUE 10/19)

This week, as you design your portfolios or website, the readings are about internet aesthetics and alternatives. Consider these in contrast with Frank Chimero's essay from week 1.

WEEKLY 2 (DUE 10/12)

This week reflects on themes of network surveillance and identity online. While you are thinking about your portfolio/websites, consider how you would like to be seen. What do you want to highlight, what do you want to keep private?

WEEKLY 1 (DUE 10/5)

  • Read Frank Chimero, What Screens Want.
  • Create an index page to hold links to all your work this semester, and post online at your DMA user space.
  • Create an additional HTML page to hold your first response, and link to it from your index page.
  • First weekly response: Take an internet dérive through at least five links. Post the five links with a couple sentences that frame the journey by explaining the links relationship to each other.
  • Place your index page and weekly page online and email a link to