What’s a gesture?

A gesture is a small scale sketch of one idea presented through performance. It is a predetermined presentation of one concept boiled down to its most essential parts. For this class, unless otherwise specified, each gesture should be no longer than 5 minutes.

These gestures take “user” in a technical sense as a starting point for performance prompts. There’s no requirement on whether or how technology is used in your performance. You might consider choosing one technology to get to know and work with throughout the quarter. We are here to support you if you do want to incorporate technical aspects into your gestures. Studio time and office hours are the best time to get help with this.

Please come prepared to present on the first date of review for each gesture. Unless otherwise discussed, gestures will be performed in the classroom. If you require special setup (additional time, specific equipment or location, specific presentation date) email lmccart@ucla.edu and cc carlosga@ucla.edu in advance.