Gesture 2: User Interaction Assignment

Read: Radical Street Performance: Invisible Theater, Augusto Boal pgs 121-124
Joanne McNeil, Robot Eyes for Bitchy Resting Face

Review: User Interaction References

Create an interaction device that supports a performative gesture. The device could either:

  • Facilitate an interaction between you and the audience
  • Facilitate interactions between audience members, or the group as a whole (carefully consider what your role as performer will be here)
  • Working with a partner, facilitate an interaction between the two of you

The device can be:

  • A found object you modify or something new you build
  • Made with any software, hardware, fabrication materials, or technology, or using none at all
  • Tangible or intangible
  • Static or changing
  • Anything as long as you can explain why you consider it a “device”

However, keep in mind that the focus is on the performance gesture, not the device. This should not be a demo. Some questions to help you as you develop your gesture:

  • What sort of interaction do you want to have? Why? What do you feel is lacking in the types of interactions you have already?
  • In what ways to technologies/devices you encounter in the world shape your interactions visibly or unconsciously?
  • What device can you create to facilitate this desired interaction?
  • Will behavior be strictly shaped or will there be space for improvisation or glitch?
  • How will the device be incorporated into your gesture? That is, rather than just saying “here is the device let’s use it”, how does your use of the device become a performance in itself?
  • If working with a partner, what are each of your individual interests and goals? How do they come together in this gesture? What are the places where you differ? Can this be an interesting territory for exploration?

We will review these gestures 10/30-11/6. Please come prepared to present on 10/30. If you require special setup (additional time, specific equipment or location, specific presentation date) email and cc in advance.