Gesture 3: Ritual User Assignment

Read: American Artist, Black Gooey Universe
Alexis C. Madrigal, Almost Human: The Surreal, Cyborg Future of Telemarketing
Joanne McNeil, Internet of Dreams
Hito Steyerl and Kate Crawford, Data Streams
Jessica Placzek, A New Kind of Kink: Data Domination
Electronic Rituals, Oracles and Fortune-Telling: A Collective Bibliography
Cathy O’Neil, How Algorithms Rule Our Working Lives
Why We Still Practice Superstitious Rituals With Our Technology
Nick Couldry, Media Rituals: A Critical Approach

Review: Ritual User References

  • Create a program that generates a ritual that you will repeat at least once a day for one week (7 days, 11/26-12/2).
  • Using any type of recording mechanism, capture part(s) of yourself or your action during each repetition, so documentation accumulates over the course of the week.

Consider: What is the motivation behind your ritual? Think about historical rituals, religious rituals, celebratory rituals, and artistic rituals. What are the rituals we perform as users of technology? Will the program generate a new variation of the ritual each day? Will it automate the occurrence of the ritual?  Think back to the first two studies you have performed. What are the main themes or questions that are beginning to emerge? How might you design a ritual that will deepen and push these further?

On 11/12-14 we will have individual meetings to check-in on your work so far and discuss your plan for gesture 3. Please complete this gesture 3 form in preparation.

Gestures will be performed every day 11/26-12/2. We will review these gestures 11/27-11/29. During your review, you will either perform one repetition of the ritual, or exhibit the captured documentation from a previous repetition. Please come prepared to present on 11/27. If you require special setup (additional time, specific equipment or location, specific presentation date) email and cc in advance.