Performances Around LA

You are responsible for picking one from the list (or another performance in LA you find) that you’d like to preview to the class. This means you research the artist and the performance, and prepare a 3-5 minute presentation for the class that gives some context about the performance and makes us want to go see it. You will then attend the performance and write a one page review. Email with your selection and he will add your presentation into the calendar, ~1 week in advance. You should submit your review to Carlos within one week of the date of the performance.

You are highly encouraged to attend as many performances as possible. If you feel like it’s too time consuming, treat the performances as brainstorming sessions for figuring out your next gesture. All of the CAP performances have discounted student tickets.

Ticket Deals
CAP UCLA Student Tickets: $15 while supplies last; limit 2 per event
REDCAT Ushering: free tickets if you usher a REDCAT show