W1 10/2
Introductions and syllabus
Review: Found User Instructions
Gesture 1: User Instructions
Studio: Generated Scores Workshop
Individual Meetings
W2 10/9
Previews: Jessica, Sujin
Review: Gesture 1
(Rachel, Nephele, Elana, Kay, Ahmed, Anastasia)
Previews: Darin, Rachel
Review: Gesture 1
(Chris, Celynne, Haolin, Jessica, Darin, Karina)
W3 10/16
Previews: Karina, Anastasia, Haolin
Guest Artist: Tonia B
Gesture 2: User Interaction
Previews: Bella
Guest Artist: Kristin McWharter
Review: Gesture 1
(Bella, Phaz, Hikaru, Sujin)
W4 10/23
Previews: Celynne, Hikaru
Studio: Interaction Workshop
Individual meetings
Tour: Adrian Piper (meet at Hammer Museum)
Arrive by 9:30am, please be on time.
W5 10/30
Review: Gesture 2
(Jessica, Chris, Anastasia, Haolin, Darin)
Review: Gesture 2
(Elana, Ahmed, Rachel, Nephele, Kay, Bella)
W6 11/6
Review: Gesture 2
(Celynne, Karina, Phaz, Sujin, Bella, Nephele)
Gesture 3: Ritual User
Previews: Elana
Bring: Technology, object, or tool relating to a ritual that you engage with
W7 11/13
Due: Gesture 3 proposal form
Individual meetings:
9:00a – Jessica
9:20a – Ahmed
9:40a – Rachel
10:00a – Sujin
10:20a – Karina
10:40a – n/a
11:00a – Hikaru
11:20a – Celynne
Due: Gesture 3 proposal form
Individual meetings:
9:00a – Phaz
9:20a – Anastasia
9:40a – Isabella
10:00a – Elana
10:20a – Nephele
10:40a – Haolin
11:00a – Darin
11:20a – Kay
W8 11/20
Previews: Nephele
Guest Artist: Symrin Chawla
No class (Thanksgiving)
W9 11/27
Previews: Chris
Review: Gesture 3
Due: Final show proposal
(Sujin, Phaz, Elana, Haolin, Bella, Kay, Hikaru, Jessica)
Review: Gesture 3
(Anastasia, Karina, Chris, Rachel, Nephele)
W10 12/4
Review: Gesture 3
(Anastasia, Darin, Celynne)
Grad Gallery visit and show planning
Group documentation review
Final show planning
W11 12/11
5-7pm Final Show